Horse X Fence

Gates Agricultural is one of the leading installers of X™ fence® to the agricultural & farming community within the UK. X™ fence® fencing is produced in New Zealand using the highest quality primary metal & revolutionary cold-forged manufacturing technology. X™ fence® features a unique, smooth, animal friendly X™ knot & medium tensile stay wires, X™ fence® horse fencing is self supporting & does not sag. It is therefore more durable than other netted agricultural fencing & takes fencing technology to a whole new level.

Horse Fence

X™ fence® is manufactured using high tensile 2.5mm wire to give strength and reduce contact injuries.


X™ fence® agricultural fencing delivers extreme rigidity and security without the need for costly on-going maintenance.

X™fence® is  your unbeatable option for all future equine fencing. Visually appealing, tough, resilient and easy to erect, it has got the X-factor written all over it and will deliver major dividends for your next fencing project. From its unique X™ fence® knot to its revolutionary forged technology,

Post and Rail Horse Fencing

Post and rail fencing has many uses, from field boundaries to front garden fencing. It is a popular open style fencing used on farm and equestrian properties to contain larger livestock and horses and can be used with wire mesh to contain smaller pets and animals.


Post and rail fencing consists of horizontal rails fixed between vertical posts and is available in a range of designs with each suited to different requirements and purposes.


We specialise in equestrian fencing and have a range of products to suit our clients and as we fit the fencing ourselves you can be sure that the job meets our stringent quality control.

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