Land clearance
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Land Clearance

and Maintenance


We also offer a land clearance and paddock maintenance service this helps you prepare for other projects or just keeps on top of land maintenance for you. 


This service has been added to our portfolio as it has been requested from many landowners who just don't have the time or the equipment to keep on top of the land management. By supplying this service we free up your valuable time so you can get on with the more important day to day running of your projects



Spraying and Fertilising


We at Gates Agricultural pride ourselves on giving landowners a complete service and as such we have added these new services to our portfolio. 


With over 30 years experience in the agricultural sector you can be sure we know a thing or two about what it take to manage land and as such we offer these great new service products.


Spraying and fertilisation are important aspects of modern land management but they are both tiresome and time consuming so why not sit back and relax whilst we do the work for you.


Chain Harrowing


That's right we can even do your chain harrowing for you.

Chain harrowing is usually carried out in spring and/or autumn. Harrowing removes dead grass and shallow rooted weeds, as well as aerating the soil refreshing the ground for the new season’s growth. Harrowing also levels uneven ground. This is ideal for paddock management.


We also offer straw and hay to our clients so give us a call or use the CONTACT link for a free no obligation quote on any of our services.